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The Rotary Club of Muyenga has recognized the efforts made by David Ssenfuka, the brain behind Uganda’s cancer and diabetes curing herbal remedy but also the proprietor of Leonia-NNN-Medical Research and Diagnostic Center Limited in Kasubi, a Kampala suburb.

Ssenfuka was recognized with Dr.Moses Ampaire, one his partners at the facility by the Rotary Club of Muyenga headed by Prof. Augustus Nuwagaba.

During the meeting held at Hotel International in Muyenga, Ssenfuka was asked to explain more about his herbal research to members of the Rotary club who among others included retired Court of Appeal judge, Remmy Kasule among others.

The duo was later awarded with certificates of recognition for their efforts in herbal research.

Speaking during the meeting, Ssenfuka said they are now looking for funds and any other form of support to ensure the herbal medicine are developed and used massively in Uganda.

“Currently we are at community level where we are only allowed to give the herbal medicine to only nearby communities under our close supervision. We however need support to develop it for use by all medical personnel to administer to patients in the country,”Ssenfuka said.

He said they have failed to get support from government on this front.

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