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Yesterday, 10th June 2021, the National Steering Committee on E-Waste Management in Uganda comprising of the various stakeholders in the e-waste management value chain; NEMA, UCC, MoFED, NITA -U, UNBS, UIA, URA, KCCA and NEC launched a National Waste Management Centre on plot 66, 6th Street Industrial Area.

The function was opened by the Deputy Managing Director-National Enterprise Corporation-the commercial arm of Ministry of Defenceand Veteran Affairs/UPDF; Hon Maj Gen Innocent Oula.

The National E-Waste Management Centre shall be the main and pivotal E-waste management facility in the country managed by NEC with oversight, regulation and coordination by NEMA. Initially, the facility shall collect, sort,dismantle and dispose e-waste and shall progress towards a refurbishment and recycling facility. It is expected that regional collection centres shall be established to supplement the National Waste Manage centre.

The advantage with this set up is that it will ride on the expertise of already existing waste treatment and disposal facilities located in Nakasongola managed by the same facility, which also has high regard to security for the waste received.

Present at the function were: Dr. Tom O. Okurut-Executive Director-NEMA, Eng Irene Kaggwa Sewankambo-Ag Executive Director-UCC, Mr. Ebiru David-Executive Director-UNBS, representatives from URA, NITA-U, and senior management officers from different stakeholder organizations.

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