Latif Ssebagala on Wednesday tasked National task force through Speaker of Parliament Rt. Hon Rebecca Alitwala kadaga to review curfew hours as Muslims enter the holiday month of Ramadhan.

“As we go into the holy month of Ramadhan, i tasked the national task force team through the speaker Rt Hon Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga to review curfew hours since we have prayers(Taraweeh) that end late in the holy month,” Latif Said .

He added that Restaurants and other businesses gets their revenue by providing food stuffs and other items to the Muslims and therefore curfew hours should be extended to 11 pm or should be swept off.

“In addition to that, Many businesses especially restaurants get their revenue by providing things that Muslims are going to use to break their fast; I request that this curfew should either be extended to 11Pm or we should do away with it!,” Latin adds.

“Lastly I have noticed curfew has become a money making tool by security organs since the curfew regulations & enforcement is done selectively. A couple of weeks ago, the Committee of #HumanRights was in #Mbarara and we had our late supper at around 11:00 PM, everything was normal, boda-bodas were moving, and people were moving freely,”He added.

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