The territorial Police of Kampala Metropolitan Area on Tuesday noted with concern messages on social media and distributed leaflets urging the general public, especially promoters, artistes, comedians and musicians, to participate in demonstrations tomorrow (March 31) at the national theatre in Kampala City.

Although demonstrations are a human right , KMP urges the organisers to follow required of lawful processes before demonstrations.

Currently, gatherings that are likely to lead to the spread of COVID-19 virus are prohibited in accordance to Ministry of Health guidelines.

However, KMP through Asp Luke Owoyesigyire, the Deputy PRO advised the organisers to desist in engaging in unlawful demonstrations.
He said the Police will be deployed strategically in order to stop any unlawful act from taking place.

“We call upon the organisers of these demonstrations to opt for other lawful ways of passing on their grievances with disrupting the day to day running of business in Kampala City which is currently peaceful,” he added.

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