Tanzanian President John Magufuli is reported to be seriously ill with breathing challenges and has been hospitalized.

Details are still scanty about his condition but those familiar with the development say he contracted Covid-19.

The President who was hoping to avoid hospitalization given his stance had to give in due to reported deteriorating health condition.

Magufuli is said to be on admission at a hospital in Kenya’s capital Nairobi, but officials from both Tanzania and Kenya are refusing to comment on the matter.

The news outlet however stayed away from mentioning the name of that leader saying government officials from both countries haven’t confirmed the identity of the person.

Magufuli was last seen publicly in February this year and for weeks hasn’t been feeling well.

Opposition Leader, Tundu Antiphas Lissu wrote on Twitter that Tanzanians deserve to be informed of President Magufuli’s health condition.

He said “The President’s well-being is a matter of grave public concern. We’re informed when Kikwete had prostate surgery. We’re told when Mkapa went for hip replacement.

We’re not kept in the dark when Mwalimu fought leukemia. What’s it with Magufuli that we don’t deserve to know?”

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