The Minister of Health Dr. Jane Ruth Aceng on Friday officiated the launch of Health and Fitness Group Uganda, a facility that utilises lab findings, relies on the latest technology, professional doctors and fitness professionals to provide fitness solutions and recommendations guided scientifically to enhance healthy living.

According to the brains behind the facility, it was launched following the increased risk and rise of noncommunicable diseases. The newly launched facility, which is based in Kabalaga – South Point Mall (level 3) offers a variety of health fitness services.

While speaking at the launch, Dr. Aceng noted that health fitness is not only meant for the youth but for older people as well. She also called upon Ugandans to find out their health statuses, before reminding them that being fat should not be taken as a good thing.

“What Paul and his team have done today is a great thing not only for the youth but even for people like us who need to know our health status and work on it accordingly. Sometimes people fear because weight has been our culture as Africans . When people see you fat, they assume you’re doing well and rich, they forget that you’re actually heading the wrong way.” Aceng said.

“People should know that when you’re fit, your body is solid, you are healthy.” She added.

The group has acquired state of the art equipment (Styku) for a Wellness and Fitness Center which through scanning will be able to provide instant analysis on; Body Fat Analysis on Caloric Expenditure, Body Shape Analysis, Fat Loss Calculation, Risk Analysis and Risk Reduction.

The mentioned analysis will from a professional perspective guide on what needs to be done and how by an individual during their fitness and wellness journey. A well-equipped Extreme Fitness school on the same premises will train and graduate instructors with skills and knowledge on wellness and fitness.

These instructors through partnerships will work with various organizations and institutions directly with individuals through scheduled routines during their fitness and wellness programs.

Health and Fitness Group Uganda will among other services also provide; Dialysis Nutrition management, Type 2 Diabetes management and Reversal, Ketogenic and intermittent fasting plan,  Nutrition and Diet Counseling, Cardiovascular disease Nutritional management, Weight management, Oncological Nutrition and diet planning, Detox Planning and Management, Micronutrient and macronutrient supplement.

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