Ugandan female artist Angella Katatumba has asked Daddy Andre, a multi-talented producer, singer, and songwriter to publicly clear the air about them not having sex during the two months that they dated.

Angella while appearing on NBS TV’s UnCut Sabula show was pinned to stop lying to the public about the pair not having coitus despite spending nights together in the same apartments.

The accusation made Katatumba lose her cool as she furiously called out Andre to spare sometl time to reveal to the public that they didn’t sleep together.

Angella added that by the time they split, Andre had asked to give her a baby but she declined because he had refused to test for HIV which forced her to ditch him even though she deeply loved him.

When I left Daddy Andre I was still in love, I didn’t want to leave. He was giving me everything but I had to walk away because he didn’t do what I wanted him to do which is HIV testing.

I never had coitus with Daddy Andre, I want him to come out and clear the air, we did not have sex. He even wanted a baby but how could I give in before HIV testing.

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