The Tape measure singer professor Maros who was recently signed under Ghetto Prince Management has broken record winning the two top most categories in the LEA20 award.

According to the Saturday’s results, Maros was crowned Artist of the year, Lango and his song prayer of the citizen also took the lead wining song of the year, Lango.

Maros according to his recent quote said his parents advised him on taking drugs and also putting on dreadlocks saying he can still be the best artist in Lango or Northern Uganda without those, this has turned to be a reality.

Manager Prince in his February 6th statement at Magaritha Palace hotel, Lira said he picked interest in Maros because he is a very intelligent, hard working, talented and promising artist of which if they work together with the exposer he has can bring back the Lango entertainment awards back on timeline as King Beniman did, of course, this start for Manager prince is on a brighter side with the win in the top most positions.

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