The love song bird, Jaymaphy Atin Ker has come out rejecting the Saturday’s LEA20 results claiming its based on height,weight,fatness and wealth.

Chogo Langeta singer who also participated in LEA20 in the RnB category said he would accept the results only if any other song apart from BeePee’s song was granted an award.

He has also promised to arrest anyone who will nominate him in any award that will be organised in lango.

“I Promise To Arrest Whoever Will Nominate Me For Any Award Organised In Lango If It’s still LEA,” he said.

“Does LEA know about Chogo Langeta really?,I am not fighting Beepee in anyway but not with Makmot. I am tasking all radio stations to put a battle on these two Songs and allow fans outside there to vote and see how some noise will be challenged, Beepee is a great artist and comes second amidst those who inspired me to join music behind Micheal Bundi of Kenya and others,” Atin Ker added.

Atin Ker on the other hand gave an advice to LEA team saying the award should be given on merits, “My advice to award organisers is,let’s try to give these so called awards on merit not looking at someone’s height,weight,fatness and wealth.Or u can even bring back a mass decisive award giveout where people can be able to vote by show of hands at the event venue, For God and my Country,” Atin Ker speaks.

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