The Directorate of Police Health Services has today unveiled a Covid-19 isolation and treatment centre at Nsambya Barracks.

The function was presided over by the Chief of Joint Staff AIGP Jack Bakasumba and AIGP Dr. Moses Byaruhanga, the Director Medical Services.

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According to Dr Byaruhanga, the facility will cater for the police personnel and their immediate families who test positive to Covid-19

“Despite the Covid-19 cases going down, there are people who are still getting infected and among them are police personnel. You are all aware management protocol changed. When you test positive and you don’t have much complications, you are requested to go and isolate yourself at home. Now, its hard to isolate ourselves given the nature of the working environment. So, that’s why the police top management came up with a plan to have this facility,” noted Dr Byaruhanga.

The Chief of Joint Staff AIGP Jack Bakasumba and AIGP Dr. Moses Byaruhanga

Dr. Byaruhanga added, “We have a dedicated medical team comprising of 30 medical personnel that have been trained by Ministry of Health on how to manage, handle and monitor Covid-19 patients provided they don’t have complications.”

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