The former Benniemnn’s manager, Manager Prince of 2stars entertainment on Saturday while signing a management contract deal with Lango’s top boy Professor Maros warn Media houses against accepting bribes to fight fellow artist.

Prince while marking examples on how Gulu City artists and record labels normally do to fight fellow artists said it should not happen again in Lango.

“We should create beef that will give us money at the end instead of fighting fellow artists,” Prince said.

Prince on the other side pinned some radio personalities in Lira saying they are only Kongola (pretenders) who think they are rich and the own the city and they are DJ Cool and Moi Daniel both of Unity FM, Lira.

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One thought on “Manager prince warns media houses against accepting bribes to fight other artists.”
  1. I the way you said I do like Prof. Maros and all his songs, you will still be my hero to keep our friendship I don’t want you to join politic

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