In the press conference that was held on Saturday 6th. Feb.2021 at Margarita Palace Hotel, Lira as Manager Prince officially signs a management contract with Professor Maros, Prince pinned Maros as being the best artist among all the artists in Lango after the late King Bennieman.

Prince said Maros was recommended to him by King Bennieman while they were still together and this is now a reality.

Professor Maros and Manager Prince displays the documents after they officially signed the contract deal.

He however said Maros posses all the qualities that makes him the best artist in the region and among others are Kindness, Social interaction, low level of drugs consumptions, quality lyrical content among others.

Maros on the other side also conveyed his happiness upon his new journey under the new management of Prince and said he is too ready to hit the studio any time.

“Though I came to know Manager prince physically just a month from now, am too happy and ready to work with him and I know our Journey will be a success,” Maros added.


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