Northern Uganda’s celebrated MC Bless who has for more than a decade seen hosting most of the biggest shows in the region on Thursday came out to attack his younger brother MC Blask on Social Media for what he termed as copycat.

MC Bless said his name Bless and Blask is confusing most of his fans and according to the Saturday’s show that will be held at Front Page Lounge, Lira, hosting Tumbiza Sound’s hit maker Eezzy, it is not his show but rather for MC Blask.

Bless however went as far as warning Blask to change his name with the immediate effect to avoid falling in hot soup because building his brand cost him a Iot time and resources.

“I  salute all my big fans thanks for the love
I wanna inform everybody that Eezzy’s show hosted by Mc blask is not my show
The host is confusing people with the name and now many thinks its Mc bless’ show
I want this fake Mc who calls him Mc blask to change his name to something else coz he is a real copycat making my fans to think that have changed my name
Nigga (Blask) its a warning to you do it quick coz you might not like the outcome
Respect your self dog and do the needful
Am tough on this because i hustled to brand my name so be warned
Change it dog am not begging you,” MC Bless in his statement through his official Facebook page.

However the fans of Blask have come out to warn Bless about the old school way of resolving issues like attacking opponent on social media which in most cases calls down more of his supports from fans than growing the brand more Bigger.

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