Northern Uganda’s number one deejay according to BBDJ award that was held in December 2020, DJ Anko Fiffz on Wednesday came out advising youth on how they normally call their friends and families for meet ups in different chilling spots.

Anko with a lot of concern said this meet ups always happens only when someone is loaded with cash to spend which makes the linkup colorful.

“We often call our friends on weekends to go out and have a good time, ofcourse you can only have a good time when you have money to spend ..We usually so happy to call friends for such link ups …”.

He however added that if one could do this whenever there is any Job or business deal would help a lot in the financial growth of each other.

“How about we start having such excitement when we hear or have business deals or job vacancies, let’s help friends make money too not only to spend money. Let’s do better this year , Blessings,” he added.

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