Hoima City Mayor aspirant and NRM Party flag bearer Brian Adyeeri Kaboyo is in hot soup after being caught redhanded while feasting on a married woman’s sumbie in a lodge.

Just like former Church of Uganda ArchBishop Stanley Ntagali who was days ago exposed for involving himself in a b0nking spree with someone’s bride, Brian Adyeeri Kaboyo lost it all and swallowed his pride having been nabbed trespassing in someone’s thigh garden.

Kaboyo who was short of explanations for adultery ended up with smile of shame as he was paraded off on the Old Trafford with the mysterious water logged borehole that he was found digging without permission in the lodge while wrapped with a white towel but the latter completely n@ked.

As voters were seriously protecting his mayoral victory, the latter was busy marauding in someone’s juicy thighs


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