Bobi wine on his way to Alebtong district has been blocked by harmed police men and women in Lira city.

He was from Kole district west of Lira City where he held his campaign trial and was supposed to cross to Alebtong District which is east of the City for the next meeting before heading to Otuke.

Presidential hopeful Bobi Wine being blocked by Police and Military in Lira.

Bobi Wine said no one is talking to them and they are blocked both from behind and in front.

“The Military and Police have yet again blocked us amidst a swamp on our way to Alebtong, no one is talking to us and we are blocked in front and from behind. As for now, we can not know what their plans are,” he said.

“This is the third time the police is blocking us today. The whole world is watching all this injustice and someday, all those that are responsible for these criminal acts will be held accountable individually,” Bobi added his his official Facebook page.

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