A 24 year old Katumba John yesterday left the residents of Iganga town in surprise when he jumped out of his car to hide in a market after police attempted to arrest him.

Katumba  was intercepted by police when he was leading a procession on Iganga main street, this prompted him to escape in fear of arrest, leaving police and his electoral commission guards to follow in hot pursuit.

Kenneth Muheirwe, the Iganga district police commander (DPC) and the team of police finally managed to arrest him before escorting him out of the Town.

In Jinja town, Katumba was again intercepted by police where he again jumped out of his vehicle but was swiftly arrested by the in-charge of the Jinja city police station, Moses Kamomo, who directed him to return to his car.

Katumba was told that he was off schedule for holding a meeting in Jinja and was not supposed to hold campaigns there on that day. Katumba was forced out of Jinja town through the Nile Bridge and cautioned to follow his campaign schedules.


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