On Thursday, 12th November 2020, Bobi started his campaign meeting for lango region from Oyam district and later went to Apac district before heading to Lira City.

In Lira City, though security forces could not allow him to hold his meeting peacefully, Bobi was swarmed by the masses right from Aduku road and all the streets were full of tear gas and live bullets.

NUP supporters showing love to Bobi Wine.

Bobi was escorted by his fans and the security team towards where he was supposed to hold his meeting and that is Bar apwo Market but he could not reach due to the time factor.

On reaching OdokMit, Bobi addressed the masses in sign Language with Mexican wave, taekwondo Salute and Wakanda Salute with a lot of morale from the masses as he left for other programs.

Bobi wine Will hold his next meeting in Kabong district, Karamoja region on the 13th, November 2020.

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