National Unity Platform’s Presidential candidate, Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu aka Bobi Wine was today blocked from holding a campaign meeting in Kitgum district by security team.

Though they were blocked from accessing the Town center, Kitgum community could not allow him to go, he stopped and waved to NUP supporters on his way to Pader, he is expected to address people of Pader this Evening before leaving for Gulu City.

Bobi in Kitgum

“So we got to Kitgum at 3:00am this morning and found a roadblock at the entrance to the district. They said they had orders for us not to step in the district at all. Earlier, they had lied that our program was clashing with that of another candidate, until late in the night when we engaged the Electoral Commission,” Bobi wine said.

Bobi in Kitgum

“So on arrival, they took us to a hotel owned by an NRM chairperson and said they had booked that place for us. They insisted we must address our people from a place far away from town and attempted to block us from proceeding to Kitgum. But the PEOPLE OF KITGUM resisted this illegal conduct and swarmed us,” he added.

“Consequently, we have not held our campaign meeting as planned, but the people of Kitgum spoke loud and clear!” Bobi added

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