The Uganda Police Force has made the traffic plan for the nomination to be held on the 2nd and the 3rd of November 2020, this is meant to enable the timely travel to and from the nomination venue.

However, Uganda Police Force has today Monday given guidelines that Will be followed by the NUP presidential candidate, Hon. Robert k Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine as he head to the nomination venue tomorrow 3rd, November 2020.

In their letter to Bobi Wine, he Will be escorted by the Uganda Police Force with a lead traffic Vehicle / motorcycle to the nomination venue with his team as per the guidelines of the electoral commission.

A copy of the letter written to Hon.RobertKyagulanyi Ssentamu from Uganda Police Force.

Bobi wine however was given a route to be followed as he heads straight to the nomination venue and this route to and from the nomination venue will be as follows;  Magere, Kumbuzi, Kisasi, Ninda Stretcher road, Spear Motors, Kyambogo University Junction, Nomination Junction.

“Police has written to me about this route as I go for nominations tomorrow. We have no problem and we shall follow this route to the nominations venue. After that, we shall head straight to our office in Kamwokya where we shall launch our manifesto!” Bobi wine said while reacting on this letter.

“Today, we saw people mobilised by NRM standing along different roads, guarded by the police, unmolested.  We hope the police will behave the same way if our supporters stand and by the road to wave to us,” he added.

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