Ministry of health Uganda has declared the reduction of the covid-19 testing from the previously set figure of USD 65$ (240,500) to USD50$ (185,000).

Ministry through the letter signed by the permanent secretary Dr. Diana Atwine to all permanent secretaries, the clerk to parliament, all executive directors, all managing directors of corporations, all chief administrative officers, all town clerks, directors of national and regional referral hospitals, and the director immigration, ministry of foreign affairs said not doing so is against the background that the cost of transporting lab test kits and other supplies  has since reduced due to resumption in the international flights.

Atwine said this would be fair for people seeking for testing services in the Government laboratories including truck drivers at different points of entry, individuals seeking to know their Covid-19 status, people seeking for Covid-19 certificates for international travels, organizations both Government and private that wish to test their staffs for the purpose of preventions and Ugandans and visitors from abroad without negative Covid-19 certificates.

Adding to this, people are notified that Government will continue to offer free testing services to patients who will present to Health facilities with Covid-19 symptoms, contacts of of people who have tested positive for Covid-19, community surveys to establish the extent of the spread of the virus, surveillance samples and the frontline health workers.


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