Ik county Member of parliament, Kaabong district, Mr Hilary Lokwang and the family is mourning the death of their daughter who passed away on Tuesday after drowning in a basin full of water.

According to Mr Hilary Lokwang, the child’s father, the one-year-old girl died while their mother was away and the incident happened on Tuesday at around 4pm.

This incident happened when family had been preparing to celebrate the birthday of the deceased and her twin sister on the same date, Hilary said.

He added that the mother of the deceased had gone to pick the cake, which she had booked for the twins  as they celebrate their birthday.

“The kids were playing, unfortunately one fell into the basin which was full of water and failed to get up,” he explained.

Lokwang added that the incident happened while he was at Parliament. and he is now planning to travel back to Kaabong district to prepare for the burial.

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