Officials of Lango entertainment award together with other Stake holders in the music industry on Sunday Evening officially declared the birth of LEA 5th Edition dubbed “Lockdown Edition”.

Lango Entertainment Award which is an annual event that brings together all players in the entertainment Industry came into existence in 2016.

With the COVID-19 pandemic this year, officials said they thought it wise to ensure the continuity of the event and indeed it will happen.

“Depending on the status of the country at the time of award ceremony, we have put in place several options that will ensure the event is conducted successfully,” added.

LEA 2019 official DJ, DJ Anko Fiffz, Left and next is DJ Simple Dickens during 2019 Award ceremony at Front Page Lounge, Lira City.

This year’s campaign is based on Ending Teenage Pregnancies since so many young girls have got themselves in some messes that could have been avoided due to the effect of the pandemic.

LEA officials  calls upon all participants in LEA20 to be champions in the fight against teenage pregnancies since music industries plays a very great role in the sensitization and other inspiring figures within Lango though outside the industry are call upon for the support.

Participants are expected to record messages and share them across different media platforms like social media with hash tag #EndTeenagePregnacies as others means shall be arranged with time.

This year’s category has been summarised into 24 as other categories have been left out due to the effect of COVID-19 that has rendered such inactive but will be brought back in next editions.

Though other categories was left out, two new categories have been added to encourage competition within artists in Lango with the rest of Northern Uganda.

Among the categories to be battled for includes;
Artist of the Year-Lango
Artist of The Year- Overall Northern Uganda
Song of the Year-Lango
Song of The Year- Overall Northern Uganda
Male Artist of the Year
Female Artist of the Year-Northern
Afrobeat Song of The Year
Gospel Song of the Year
Hip Hop Song the year
RnB Song of the Year
Reggae Song of the Year
Breakthrough Artist of the Year
Best Collabo of the Year
Best Cultural Song the Year
Best Dancehall of The Year
Audio Producer of The Year
Radio Personality of the Year
News anchor of The Year- Luo
News Anchor of the Year- English
Local Movie of The Year
Song of the Year-Acholi
Song of The Year- WestNile
Song of The Year- Teso
Lifetime Achievement/Legendary Award.

All songs for competition are expected to must have been released within a calendar Year (September 2019- September 2020)while other categories will depend on how such people have been active in industry within a calendar Year as well.

This year, nomination for all categories shall be online as proper channels are being derived and Links shall be shared at later time.

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