President Museveni on Tuesday joined the teachers for the National Celebrations of the International Teachers’ Day at State House Entebbe.

He however appreciated all the teachers and continue to reiterate governments position towards improving the salaries of teachers, health workers, soldiers and government scientists.

Museveni said he is aware of the salary disparities among government workers, he said some are taking home so much, while others are earning so little. He added that the government shall have a review using the Unified Salaries Board to address this matter.

Besides, Museveni urged teachers all over the country and the Ministry of Education to tailor the system to the needs of the people, “we should teach what will help Uganda and Africa move forward,” M7 said.

“One time I called Professor Baryamureeba (Venansius), yes that one who was at Makerere University. I said to him that since you are a serious computer wizard/Scientist, please make for us one computer. Up to now, he has never gotten back to me,” Museveni.

He said this is because the pre-colonial education trains children to use other people’s computers rather than making their own. In light of this year’s theme and the pandemic effects, it is the time for teachers to reimagine the future and lead us through this crisis.

Speaking about the Pandemic, Museveni said in the 7 months that the county have had it, he never heard that a child has died from Corona Virus. “Some may have got pregnant which is indeed terrible, but at least they did not die, death is irreversible,” he added.

In the conclusion Museveni summaried as below;

“What worries me however is the consistent complacency by our people, now that we are opening schools, I call upon the transporters to observe SOPs such that our dear children can be transported safely”.

“To everyone in Uganda, please be inspectors of COVID compliance in the transport sector. If someone is not following the regulations, you can boycott them. All this is to protect our children”.

“Teachers should also be careful as they move from home to school. I would suggest that if it is possible, schools can have an arrangement to accommodate teachers at school since there will be enough space as only candidate classes will be using the school”.

“Meanwhile for the rest of the children home, every family will get a radio to enable long distance learning. I know many have lambasted this program, yes it might not be perfect, but has some advantages, for instance; One good teacher can be shared by many students who were not in his school. Also it is better than dying”.

“That said, I think Uganda is number 1 in the whole world in the fight against COVID 19 according to me”.

Museveni said LANCET was comparing Uganda to South Korea but Uganda have land borders which are difficult to manage yet South Korea is surrounded by water and North Korea where no one can cross to and from there.

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