Siri Muyembe singer Rema Namakula on Saturday was left cursing after one unscrupulous Uganda created a fake Facebook page in the name of her husband Hamza Sebunya.

Rema on Saturday went to her Facebook page and posted her grieve about how this scammer is misguiding her fans and spoiling the name of her sweet love Hamza Sebunya.

“Whoever is behind this chaotic stupid account…May thunder strike you dead. Note carefully…. My husband is not on any social media platform and has no time for such drama”, Rema posted.

This Facebook page that was created in 2019 when Rema Namakula’s relationship with Africa’s celebrated singer Eddy Kenzo came to an end has been in used for posting shits about Sebunya and his feelings with his New wife as well as knocking Kenzo’s head but Rema has come out to confirm that this page with over 80k followers is fake and her sweet husband has no time for social media drama.

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