Its yet another sad Story for as Makerere University main building caught fight from the Unknown source at the middle of the Sunday night.

The building after the fire was calmed down.

The source says the fire started from the right wing of the building moving towards the left side and allover the building.

The Police fire brigade was sent on the ground to fight the incidence but it has been terrible since the fire had spreaded already.


According to Barnabas Nawangwe, the University Vice Chanchellor,  he said they Will work hard to restore the University ’s Building in the shortest period of time possible. The building is one of the oldest building in the University and was built during the British regime over 9 decades now.

Police on the other hand is doing investigation to produce the cause of the fire in the shortest possible time.

Makerere’s ivory tower was renovated last year, 2019 and it had retained its original beautiful look after decades.

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