Of recent, northern Uganda’s most celebrated DJ, DJ Anko Fiffz who is well known for his mad scratches and his finest whatsApp mixes selling in almost all corners of the globe launched his online radio, the first of its kind in the whole of Northern Uganda.

DJ Anko Fiffz

Anko on Monday declared the launch of Capstone Radio, renamed after his record label, Capstone music inc, one of the most selling labels in the region. The radio was launch with his latest WhatsApp mix, Urban Touch Vol 7.

“We shall be testing Capstone radio everyday from 5pm to midnight East African time playing some top notch bangers, lets do this as we wait for App”, Anko revealed.

He however confirmed that both the website and the mobile App will be available for public use very soon.

Currently, the radio can be streamed via Zeno FM App which can be downloaded from google play store.


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