Minister of ICT and National guidance, Judith Nabakooba on Sunday cleared the air about the rumors that has been moving that Mulago hospital was closed from the public who has been going for Covid-19 test.

On her massage through her official Facebook page, here words was as below;

I have seen some wrong information that Mulago Hospital has been closed off to the public when it comes to treating and taking COVID-19 samples.

I want to assure the public that Mulago Hospital is still open to everyone and for all diseases. The rumor that it has been designated for VIPs only is not true.

I therefore want to appeal to anyone or any institution that thinks they have had contact with COVID-19; please continue going to Mulago for assistance and other government hospitals as well.

In case of any changes with Mulago Hospital, an official communication by Ministry of Health and Mulago hospital will be made.

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