Report reaching our News desk says Erute South Member of parliament Jonathan Odur has been tested positive of Covid-19.

According to Odur, he said he received a call from Assistant D.H.O of Lira Edmond Aceka stating that from the previous test done confirms his sample turning positive of the deadly Corona Virus.

Odur added that since the test was done he has not been experiencing any signs and symptoms that relate to Covid-19 and he has been feeling like any other normal man.

He is currently under self quarantine as he waits to be picked by the health experts for treatment at Lira treatment center.

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3 thoughts on “Erute South Member of Parliament Jonathan Odur tested positive of Covid-19”
  1. I wish him God’s grace and mercy to relieve him from the deadly virus. Quick recovery Honorable

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  2. That’s alright. He’s not feeling anything. He’ll be fine, whether or not the test is a true positive.
    Remember there r questions on the results at times

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