Police in Arua has confirmed an incident  where 10 male juveniles between the ages of 11-16years hailing from the villages of Gbuluku and Nyaute were killed by lightening at a football pitch near Odramacaku trading centre, Anzuu parish, Ayivuni sub county, Ayivu division, Arua City.
This incident happened at on Thursday evening when these children took a shelter from rain in a grass thatched structure next to the pitch where they were play football.
Their bodies were then taken by relatives for burial meanwhile out of the 4 survivors, 3 are still receiving treatment at a near by health centre. It is a rainy season with a lot of lightening in West Nile and other similar incidences have been confirmed elsewhere in the same region, said Sp  Angucia Josephine, Police PRO West Nile.
The deceased have been identified as Andrua Samuel 16yrs, Awia Kennedy 13yrs, Andama Godfrey 13yrs, Bati Gasper 15yrs, Afeku Saviour 13yrs, Edema Jasiri 15yrs, Ocatre Patrick 13yrs, Asite Jordan 11yrs, Apajobo David 12yrs, Tom 13yrs, all male juveniles.
Out of the 4 survivors some of who are still receiving treatment from a near by clinic are; Ayikobua Martin 11yrs from Nyaute village, Munguci Boniface 14yrs from Nyaute village, Adriko Yofasi 14yrs from Gbuluku village and Andama Festo 9yrs from Gbuluku village.
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