Kira Police Division are investigating allegations of doing a negligent act likely to spread an infection of disease .

Kira Division Police have today 12 /08/2020 received information that , Focus primary school located in kasokoso kira municipality Wakiso District was open and teaching contrary to rule 9(a) of the ministry of Health PUBLIC HEALTH (Control of Covid 19) Rules 2020 as amended.

Upon this information, a police team rushed to the school. At about 11:30 am, they reached the school and found classes going on normally.

At the time of arrival at the school, pupils were attending lessons in class in big number of about 70.

The director of school teacher Henry who was in class teaching Religious education managed to notice police presence from a distance and escaped through the behind small gate at the school and ran away.

Other teachers also managed to take off before arrest. These included teacher Brighton Wilson Ssalongo, Teacher James, Teacher Waiswa, and Kakaire David.

In the class there were about 70 pupils all of whom were not putting on masks and congested.

Others children jumped out of class and took off. Only 24 children were picked to give police information of what has been going on in the school. 21 of these are girls and 3 boys.

Upon interview, children revealed that, they have been attending ordinary classes every week from Monday to Saturday with classes running from 0600hrs to 1100hrs since April this 2020.

They further stated that they were paying money to the school for the services of attending school.

They have been studying all the primary school subjects ranging from maths, English, SST, and science and all these children were P7 candidates.

Upon review of their books, it was discovered that these pupils have been studying all subjects and covering topics not revision and the dates of lessons in books run from May to date.

Investigations have been instituted into the matter and the parents have been summoned for interrogation.

Asp Luke Owoyesigyire  said the efforts are on to arrest the director of the school and the teachers who have been teaching.

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