Northern Uganda has lost a soldier in the Game of Music, Mzee B.

Bennieman Mzee B

Bennieman Mzee B of 2 stars Entertainment has been battling with cancer and he has been admitted at Mulago Cancer institute till 6 am of today Wednesday, 05th August 2020 when he passed on.

Fellow Artists paid a visit to him at Mulago Cancer institute.

He has been battling with cancer for more than a year where he was receiving treatments from several hospitals till recently when his condition started worsening.

Mzee B has Sang many songs with Artists like the late Raga P and later Mambo under his record label of 2 stars Entertainment.

Among his songs include, Yito pe duny nono, My Angel, Acan has no choice and many more.

BennieMan’s ancestral home is in Ngai sub county in Oyam district, Northern Uganda but he was leaving in Kampala till the time of his death.

May his soul rest in peace, Amen.

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